Presenting The Guru’s Custom Android Boot Animation

Even though I’m not updating any longer, I’m still obviously attached to the whole Guru brand. I’ve used the Symbian-Guru wallpaper as the background on my Nexus One off and on, but recently decided that I needed to create a custom boot animation. The process is actually pretty simple, albeit quite tedious. I’ll share the instructions at the end of this post, if you want to try your hand.

To cut to the chase, here’s a video showing the boot animation on my Nexus One. It’s admittedly pretty rough, but now that I know what I’m doing, it’ll be easier to tweak and improve the animation.


You can download the file at if you want to use it on your phone, and please let me know if you do! You’ll need to have rooted your phone, and there are a few ways to do it.

1. You *should* be able to use Root Explorer or Android Mate to paste to the datalocal directory on your device.

if that doesn’t work, then

2. If you have the Android SDK installed on your computer, connect your phone with USB debugging enabled, and put the in the tools directory. Then use the following commands:

adb remount
(should say successful here)
adb push /data/local
(should show the info of the move)
adb reboot
If you’re using CyanogenMod v6 (like I am), you’ll have to use the 2nd method, for some reason.
As usual with stuff like this, I’m not responsible if you hose your phone, etc. Don’t sweat – your phone can actually boot up without any boot animation installed, so if you mess something up, you should still be able to at least boot your phone up to fix it.

Here’s a great walkthrough on creating your own custom boot animation.

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