Day 6: A Retreat

Six days in and I’ve already broken, sort of. While I’m still doing quite well at keeping my personal Internet use limited to my Nexus One, I’ve come across a few instances that simply must be done from my computer.

1. Organizing Flickr photos – while the Flickr Mobile site is refreshingly awesome, it’s still limited. There is no option to organize your photos (at least that I have found), which is rather important if I’m going to keep things from getting out of control. Yes, of course, I could simply load the desktop version of the Flickr site up on my phone, but with a 3.7-inch WVGA display, that’s an exercise in frustration. Going forward, I’ll likely use this on my desktop only a few times a week.

2. Keeping track of new Twitter followers – I recently discovered that Tweetdeck has the option to add a column which shows your new Twitter followers. I try to keep up with this, and have found several valuable new contributors to my stream using this method. I haven’t yet found a similar view in any mobile Twitter clients, and when I loaded Tweetdeck up this weekend, I found that I had gained quite a few new followers. Going forward, I might pull this up one or two days a week, to keep my original plan.

3. Blogging – Yes, of course I can blog from my Nexus One, and I intend to force myself to do so at least once or twice per week. However, the onscreen keyboard and limited features of the WordPress for Android client make this incredibly difficult. This is particularly true when I’m wanting to blog about something such as a link from one of my friends, or about something that will be a longer form, such as this. Unfortunately, the WordPress app doesn’t make it easy to add links, especially from multiple sources and such.

All in all, I’ve really been enjoying the time away from my computer. It’s quite refreshing, actually. I am, however, seeing a bigger drain on my phone’s battery (obviously). This is something I expected, but didn’t really consider. Of course, for me, at work at a desk, this isn’t much of a factor.

Do you think you could cut back to only using your phone for the Internet, and not your computer? What limitations do you think you might face?

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6 thoughts on “Day 6: A Retreat

  1. Given I’m using iOS and not Android I could be wrong here, but have you thought about looking for some alternative blogging apps in the Android store that support WordPress? There are a ton available for iOS so my assumption would be that the same holds true in ‘droidworld. Combine a more powerful blogging client with a Bluetooth keyboard and I think you’d be fine, even for long form.

    I’ve been writing quite a bit using just my old foldup Bluetooth keyboard (that you actually tipped me off to buy for only 30 bucks, with a 25 dollar refund when signing up for an amazon visa, making it 5 bucks) and my iPhone 4. Granted I’m writing things without links, but the point is that the long form itself isn’t the problem, you just need a better blog editor.

    Just my .02 — interesting nonetheless!

  2. I know it is not the best of solutions for links, but have you considered simply just writing the HTML code for it? Most mobile blogging clients are parsing plain text, and like you showed in your last post, its isn’t impossible. I am a good bit biased since I did/do a lot of hand-coded stuff personally. But, until a better client comes along that can address this feature (MaStory on Maemo plug), that seems the best solution.

  3. To answer your question about using the phone for mobile internet usage. I do it quite often, and have done so since I got my device (N97 -32GB [my 1st symbian device]).
    The only time I feal limited is when having to deal with trying to add media content to my posts (pics/videos etc.). Other than that I do not feel that limited.

    1. If you aren’t tied to a blogging platform, I can’t recommend Posterous highly enough for mobile blogging and adding media to posts. Simply attach whatever media to the email you write your blog post in, and it will correctly handle formatting. For that matter it works well for links too, though not embedded in text like Ricky is talking about necessarily, since that would require a more advanced editor.

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