Day 2: Discoveries And Disappointments

This is the end of my second day of using my Nexus One as my only source of personal Internet and already I’m wanting to pull out my old familiar laptop and browser. The limitations of a 3.7-inch display and touchscreen keyboard are already proving to he bigger than I imagined.

The biggest issue is the keyboard. As important to me as reading different sites and keeping up with things is, its equally important for me to be able to comment on those that I find interesting. It’s not enough for me to be a spectator, I need to join the conversation and create content of my own. It’s a personal drive that I’ve always had and I’m not about to give it up now. I’m finding it quite difficult to contribute on my favorite sites, especially since many of them do not have a mobile-friendly interface. I’ve said it before, but if you’re covering the mobile space and your site doesn’t have a mobile-friendly experience, you’ve completely missed it.

In any case, I’ll continue to find ways to be a part of the conversation. I need to experiment with more of the features of the browser on this phone and get more comfortable with the on-screen keyboard.

One side benefit that I had considered and am pleased to see is enhanced productivity, specifically at work. Whereas I used to have Seesmic Web and Talk open pretty much all day, I’m now 100% reliant on my phone. This has kept my attention better focused, and I’m definitely enjoying that. Hopefully this little experiment will also help me be more productive on this blog, too.

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2 thoughts on “Day 2: Discoveries And Disappointments

  1. Sounds like the E7 was made for the likes of yourself, me, and many other bloggers out there.!

    I have enabled a Mobile friendly interface on but with the WordPress commenting system being less favorable that Disqus, Im contemplating changing this.

  2. Sounds like your mobile makes you more a spectator than a participant… I wonder if this is something that will factor into your decisions about your next (mainly) personal devices?

    I also agree with your sentiment that sites that talk about mobile should really be mobile-adaptive; but asking folks to practice what they preach is a bit much 😉

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