My iPod Classic SkinIt Has Arrived!

I bought my iPod Classic a few weeks ago and have been loving the ease of synchronization between mobile and desktop again. I got the black one, which looks great, but if you know me, you know I like to customize my stuff, and it wasn’t long before I was on building a custom skin for my iPod.

iPod Classic

Of course, I started with my default camo design, as I’m a huge fan of camo electronics. However, after a bit of thought, I decided I wanted my iPod to be different, since it serves an entirely different purpose than my laptop or phone. I use music to relax and focus my brain. I’ve never been officially diagnosed with A.D.D. or anything, but I’m sure I have it, and all my life I’ve had to had music playing to help me focus on things. When I have too many things on my todo list, I know I can just pop my earphones in and zone out to get things done. Hence, I wanted my iPod to show that it’s a source of relaxation, as well as of energy and focus.

I chose to use this image, which I’ve also used as a background on my various devices at different times. It’s a pretty simple view of water, but it’s extremely relaxing, and makes me think of laying in a pool in the summertime, with the sun baking your skin, when everything just feels right with the world. Water is also a very powerful force, capable of creating awesome things.


I also chose to put words on this skin – I don’t normally like text to interfere with graphics and imagery, and am not one to put labels on my photos, but this is a bit different. Since my music is my motivation and energy, I chose the words ‘Let the beat rock‘. I realize that’s a Black-Eyed Peas song, but think to the most fun, memorable, or exciting times in your life – odds are, there’s a song with a beat that gets you back to that spot, every time. Let the beat rock reminds me that no matter what, all it takes is a little beat to get my brain moving in whatever direction it needs to go.

iPod Classic

So, that’s why my iPod skin isn’t camo – it’s water, it’s relaxing, and it’s inspirational. Let the beat rock.

If you haven’t already checked out as a way to personalize your gadgets, I’d highly recommend you do. They’re pretty cheap (comparable to a case or something) and the skins are printed on a really high-quality material that sticks like glue to your stuff, but is also easily removable and doesn’t leave any residue at all. They have hundreds of designs you can choose from, or you can upload your own image and customize it to suit you.

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