Mobile Geeks of Fort Worth #2 Recap

Mobile Geeks of Fort WorthLast week was the first week of August, including the second Mobile Geeks of Fort Worth meetup on Tuesday night at Flying Saucer downtown Fort Worth. We had a total of 6 people show up – twice as many as the first meetup, which is an excellent start and a good sign of growth.

Randy Arnold, aka Texrat, was there with his two teenage sons (both sporting smartphones), as well as Philip Berne with his Nexus One and Paul Betik with his EVO 4G. Of course, yours truly was there with my Nexus One, too. We had some great conversations around various apps for Android phones, including the new WordFeud app which Paul was using, and talked about Locale and Tasker, too – I need to check out Tasker still.

In addition to the gadget-fest, there were some heated discussions about various aspects in the mobile industry, including Nokia’s….situation, and Samsung’s U.S. presence, too.

Around 8pm, Flying Saucer began their evening trivia game, which was loads of fun, and of course the beers were frequent and cold. All in all, a great meetup. We briefly talked about having the next one in October sometime, and I really hope you’re able to come. Randy will be putting together a LinkedIn group, or you can join the Facebook Mobile Geeks of Fort Worth group here.

I’d love to have any help I can get with planning these meetups, including ideas for locations, times, and even activities.

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