A Return To Mobile Blogging

A long while ago, I was really obsessed with mobile blogging – that is, blogging from a mobile device. I kept trying from my Symbian-powered smartphones, but kept coming up short. Unfortunately, software was the main limiting factor. There simply are not any great solutions for blogging from a Symbian-powered smartphone, in my experience. Yes, there’s an official WordPress app, but due to the small storage, I was unable to use it on my Nokia N97. My new Nexus One, however, runs the official Android WordPress app like a champ, so here I am.

I hope to start blogging from my phone more going forward. It’s incredibly convenient, since I always have it with me and I don’t have to wait for it to boot up or anything. I’ll also be exploring other things that I can do from my phone. I believe that we’re incredibly close to having an entire generation of humans who are connected, but have never used a computer – they’ve always relied solely on their smartphone. I’m anxious to try to see what their experience might be with today’s technology, to see areas in which it could be improved.

Are you one of those? Do you still use your computer primarily, or has your phone yet taken over as your primary connected device?

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14 thoughts on “A Return To Mobile Blogging

  1. I have tried the WordPress app on Android phones , iPhones and the iPad. Its an awesome experience altogether. But its great only for text. I had no luck with adding photos. may be i should try it again.

  2. I used to love the days of VOX gone by, where the multimedia uploads were easy as pie and photos and videos were feast of the day. The WP of which you speak is good, but I'm a sucker for having some decent aesthetics when it comes to posting my content…

  3. You know my thoughts on being mobile-only, its really the most fun way to live. There are advantages and limitations, and all are very fun to explore. In terms of blogging, I use MoPress, a web runtime widget. Its won't do images, but in terms of raw text, and some comment moderation, I like it for that simplicity.

  4. cool. I also haven't installed wordpress app in my N97 because of the low c memory. will be getting nexus one as soon as it is released. btw can't you blog about nexus one and android in symbian guru… I know that the it's symbian blog but still…..

  5. Currently, I use both of my devices equally. I have an iPhone 4 and a MacBook Pro, and I'm on them equally. What I am finding though is that I am connected to the same things on both of them. For example, all of my information is linked together on both devices, so I can connect to the same service on both of them. Once that starts to decline, and people will only be able to connect via mobile, then the computer usage will start to decline.

  6. I have a Nokia N900 and it works ok, but a bigger screen would be great. I hope for 7 inch Meego device./Ove

  7. Looking forward to experiencing WordPress on my upcoming iPhone, as you know Ricky, I too sold my N97 due to pretty much the same reasons as yourself, it was an embarrassment. I'm also going to invest in an Android device before Xmas too, which one though, Im still narrowing down. N9 MeeGo looking forward to too.

  8. have you tried Swype yet? i had it working for Nexus One on 2.1 but since the upgrade to 2.2, i haven't been able to get it to work. It's really awesome — typing speed goes way up — so give it a shot if possible.

  9. i use a blackberry and love posting by email! i post to my posterous which in-turn posts it on my facebook, flickr (images only) puts a link on twitter and also copies my original blog.I love blackberry 🙂

  10. I'm working on getting back to blogging mobiley as well! Don't forget Pixelpipe! They've got S60, Android and iPhone clients, and can upload directly to WordPress.What I'm looking for is an easier way to post GPS routes from my motorcycle rides. SportsTracker records and exports to KML, which Google Maps can import and embed. I wish there was a way to simply upload routes directly from the device.I'm also glad you're not disappearing Ricky! I'm looking forward to seeing what's next. No pressure… : )

  11. Ricky, I know when the N95 came out 3 years ago, just as the original iPhone did, you made several youtube videos in the same light as “I’m a PC, I’m a MAC” commercials…but yours were “I’m an N95, I’m an iPhone. I bought an N95 in June of 2007 and yes I still have it and it functions pretty good. I don’t use it anymore as I am now with Verizon, but I wanted to ask you….why the Nexus One and not the new iPhone….??

  12. I love moblogging and glad you are dipping your feet back into the waters. ;o)Ah… my favorite hobby horse of the last 2 years: No good mobile blogging clients. With the demise of Lifeblog, there has been no dedicated, good moblogging solution for symbian. I don't like PixelPipe and find it very frustrating on several levels, esp. for photos. I tried PixelPipe pro on my Google Ion which has a much better user experience than PP for Symbian, but it still saves the photos on the pixelpipe server rather than pushing them up to your hosting. The nice part about WordPress is that there are a number of solutions for it that work. I have created a set of template hacks for Movable Type 4.x that allows one to moblog & upload photos directly to the blog from the regular browser on a Nokia N97 and a Nokia N900. I need to refine the CSS a bit and then release it out to the wild.The great part about the last year is that the javascript rendering on mobile browsers has gotten good enough that one can moblog directly from the phone to one's blog admin interface on the mobile browser without having to use a stripped down mobile version of the admin. This allows me to circumnavigate the fact that there is not a good native mobile app that allows me to blog from my phone to my Movable Type install.While you are very new in your divorce to Symbian, I felt the white hot rage of betrayal two years ago when Nokia dropped Lifeblog, as it was such a great native blogging app. I have stayed with Nokia since for the cameras, as nothing else I have tried can beat the N8x line photo for photo. My biggest frustration in the last two years has been that I don't code in Symbian or C++, so rather than being angry at Symbian or the demise of Lifeblog, I have been working on my own Python moblogging app and the nice bit about Maemo is that it comes shipped with Python. It is sad that while Google allows one to create apps in Python & Java in several of their other offerings like Google App Engine, Android is Java only right now. But I am looking to port my app, when it is done, to Android and find someone who can port it to Symbian for me.In the meantime, I am very excited for the upcoming release of the Nokia N8 for the camera. The camera is droolicious.

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