Engadget Suggests You Follow Me On Twitter

Although I resisted at first, preferring the now-basically-defunct Jaiku, Twitter has become an awesome tool for many purposes. Most of my ‘normal’ friends think it’s silly, but pretty much all of my techie friends are on there, and we all use Twitter for different things. I actually run two separate Twitter accounts – a personal one and a more professional one – both of which were listed in Engadget’s recent ‘Who Should I Follow’ cellphone edition post, listing the best Twitter accounts to follow if you’re a cellphone enthusiast.

@Rcadden is my personal Twitter account, where I talk about anything and everything that I want, normally about cellphones and mobile technology, as well as social media and my own personal life. It’s a great honor to have my personal account listed, and I’m glad to know that other respect my views on various things. Beware – I also use my personal Twitter account as a lifestream, which means anything I can pull into it – Foursquare, photos, videos, last.fm, etc – is pulled in, so it can get a bit noisy at times.

@SymbianGuru is my professional account, the official twitter account for Symbian-Guru.com, the site I created and run (with TONS of help from @khouryrt, @wampyre, and @schawlaf) covering everything you need to know about Symbian. There are hundreds of Symbian fansites out there, and it’s really awesome to know that we’ve built Symbian-Guru.com into one of the top places to go if you want to know more about what’s happening in the Symbian ecosystem. The twitter feed is manned by both me and @khouryrt, so it may seem to offer differing points of view at times, but we’re both passionate about Symbian, and you’ll also get updates from the site, as well as other commentary there, too. If you’re interested in Symbian, you should definitely follow us. @SymbianGuru is one of two dedicated Symbian sites listed by Engadget, (the other being the awesome AllAboutSymbian) and that’s definitely a huge honor.

If we’re not friends on Twitter, yet, pick an account (or friend me on both) to keep in touch. What do you use Twitter for?

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Just a dude with a phone.

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