Introducing Chocomize Custom Candybars

This past Saturday night, Mrs. Guru was telling me about this awesome site that she read about where you could build your own chocolate bar with basically anything you want – gummy bears, skittles, even potato chips on top. Incredulous, I asked what the URL was, so I could see for myself. She couldn’t remember, so she pulled up (that’s where she heard of it) and we searched for ‘chocolate’. Lo and behold, we arrived at


It really is as disgustingly brilliant as it sounds. The concept is quite simple – you start by choosing between dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate. From there you can choose up to 5 toppings from 6 different categories:

Nuts and Seeds – quite self-explanatory, you get things like sunflower seeds, almonds, edamame, poppy seeds, and more.

Fruits – mostly dried fruits, you can choose from things like strawberries, blueberries, pineapple dices, etc.

Herbs and Spices – here’s where you get into some interesting stuff. You can add cinnamon, hot chipotle, lavender, sea salt, and other spices, for flavor.

Candy – Ah, the jackpot. Selections here include Skittles, strawberry Gushers, gummy bears (my personal weakness), Nerds, even Pop Rocks.

Decorations – Not necessarily the best option, but if you’re using Chocomize to make gifts or something, this category could be helpful. Gold flakes, chocolate flowers, and flower petals abound here.

Other – This is what makes Chocomize so cool. In addition to ‘normal’ toppings, you can also explore the ‘Other’ category, where you’ll find beef jerky, vegetarian bacon, coffee grounds, and potato chips. Yes, I said potato chips.


You can name your creation, I created ‘Ricky’s Masterpiece’, and it consisted of milk chocolate, pop rocks, gummy bears, strawberry gushers, skittles, and nerds. It cost $7.70 with all the toppings. We placed our order on Saturday evening and received it today in the mail, which is awesome. They even ship your Chocomize bar with a couple of ice packs in the box, so you don’t get a melted mess, which is a great touch.


To make things even better, Chocomize gives a portion of their proceeds to charities, and lets you choose your charity when you check out! Awesome. You can follow Chocomize on Twitter or fan them on Facebook.

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