Mobile Geeks of Fort Worth #1 Come And Gone

mgofwIn case you missed it, the first ever Mobile Geeks of Fort Worth took place a few weeks ago at the Ginger Man Pub in Fort Worth, TX. As described before, Mobile Geeks of Fort Worth is a pretty laid-back venture, simply seeking to get mobile-oriented geeks together to…well….geek out.

To be honest, the first event was somewhat of a bust. Out of 4 confirmed RSVPs, only 3 of us (myself included) turned out. Matthew and Vikki Stevens came out for the evening and we had a great time catching up and talking about our phones and recent adventures. Vikki still carries her trusty Nokia N95-3 (with an iPod Touch in tow), while Matt, who used to be a die-hard Symbian fan, recently kicked his T-Mobile G1 to the curb in favor of a BlackBerry Bold. I, of course, had my Nokia N97 and HTC Eris on hand, so we had almost every platform represented.

ReservedWe didn’t take many photos or videos (I really need to get better at that), though I was recommended the ‘Fat @$$ Special’ by our waitress, Suzanne. It was delicious.

The next MGOFW will likely be the first Monday evening in May – plans are still being made. If you’re interested, and would like to help nail down a venue and time, please do chime in on our Facebook page here.

Also, if you’re in Canada, my friend Tom Hall is putting together Mobile Geeks of Canada in both Vancouver and Toronto. You can get the full details here.

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