Seesmic For Android Adds Multiple Account Support

Not but a few minutes after I posted my thoughts on TweetCaster for Android, Loic LeMur, who I had the pleasure of meeting last year at SXSW, announced an updated version of Seesmic for Android, complete with multiple account support!

Of course I downloaded the update as soon as I could, to check out the new features. Adding multiple accounts is really easy, simply press the menu button and then click on ‘Accounts’. There will be a green dot on your default account – this is the one automatically chosen when you compose a new tweet. You can, as shown in the video below, also easily cross-post, if you manage multiple accounts, so you can publish the same update to several accounts. However, I personally don’t really use this feature much on mobile – on my desktop, I only do to update my Facebook and personal Twitter account.


One thing that’s rather frustrating, though, is that like TweetCaster, this account selection screen doesn’t offer any information as to which account has new tweets or mentions. Also, the only way to get to it is to manually press menu, then choose ‘Accounts’. I would like it better if pressing the back button from my timeline would dump me out onto this screen, so I could easily switch between accounts with fewer clicks. Perhaps a future update will enable that.

Compared with TweetCaster, Seesmic seems to do a much better job of managing the limited screen real estate, showing more tweets on each screen. Also, Seesmic seems to perform better when I have all my accounts setup, whereas TweetCaster does tend to slow down just a bit.

I’ll keep both installed for the time being, but at this point, I think Seesmic wins on my Android phone. What app are you using to do Twitter on your Android-powered device?

Here’s a bonus video of Loic LeMur gushing over the new release:


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