Boingo And Asus Hook Up In Netbook Deal

This is really a cool thing – two of my favorite companies have hooked up to help netbook users get the most out of their devices. Today, Asus announced that its new EeePC netbooks will soon be preloaded with Boingo‘s software, which makes it simple and easy to connect to WiFi hotspots around the world. I’ve used Boingo on nearly every one of my laptops and love it – especially while traveling.

In addition to having the Boingo software already ready to roll when you open your new Asus EeePC netbook, Asus owners will also receive 50% off the Boingo service, which makes the deal even sweeter. My Asus 1000HE is getting a bit long in the tooth, so I’m really pleased to find out that I won’t have to download and install Boingo myself when I buy a new netbook.

On a related note, there’s a TON of new netbooks hitting the market really soon – most of them with beefed up processors and that sort of thing. If anyone has a link that can help me make sense of it all, I’d be appreciative. What netbook has caught your eye?

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