How To Piss Off Your Paying Customers, By GMAC Financing

In December 2006, I purchased a 2006 GMC Sierra pickup truck, financed through GMAC Financing on a SmartBuy. The SmartBuy was an awesome setup where you paid smaller payments, like a lease, but own the vehicle, like a purchase. At the end of your term, you had several options, including paying the final ‘balloon payment’, refinancing it, returning the vehicle with a small ‘disposal’ fee, etc. They don’t offer this any longer, unfortunately.

My term expired this December,  and after receiving the proper paperwork in the mail, outlining my options, I called GMAC Financing on January 7th and spoke with Francis to refinance the final payment, as I decided I might as well keep the truck and pay it off instead of trading in. When I called in, I was told they would mark my account as ‘renewal pending’ and send out the paperwork with the new refinance details, which I would need to sign and return. Great.

Since January 7th, I have received 7 automated phone calls and 1 live phone call from GMAC Financing, stating that my account is past-due the amount of my balloon payment, and that I would need to pay this immediately. I called in yesterday, January 11th, and spoke with Frederick. I told him I had received a few phone calls stating I was past-due, and that I wanted to verify that the renewal process had been initiated, and that I was not *actually* past-due, or in danger of being sent to collections or marks on my credit report. Frederick verified my conversation with Francis a few days earlier, and stated the paperwork had been mailed out on the 11th, and should arrive within 3-5 business days. He also verified that there was a note on my account saying I was not past-due, but had initiated the renewal process and was awaiting paperwork.

Since speaking with Frederick yesterday around 3p, I have received an additional 3 automated calls and 1 live call from GMAC Financing, still stating that I was past due. While I know this to not be true, it’s extremely annoying to continually be called on this matter. I definitely went off on the girl this morning, and asked her to verify there was a note on my account saying that I had initiated the renewal and was awaiting their paperwork to complete that. She confirmed this, after which I asked why I was continually being harassed, then? She had no answer.

Dear GMAC – you guys are already struggling enough, along with the entire automobile industry. I’m a paying customer, have been for 4 years, and am willing to pay you, on time, every time, for an additional few years, rather than using my bank or another financial institution. Given your current market situation, it’s probably in your best interest NOT to continually harass me and piss me off. I’ve rarely seen worse customer service than this, and will now immediately be comparing your loan terms to those of my bank.

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