Back On The Hunt

Gaze dell´Ara ...After a few consulting projects here and there, I’m back on the hunt for exciting opportunities to use my skills. I’m really looking for companies who need my help in setting up an online presence using Social Media tools such as Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and others. I would also love to join with companies who are already utilizing some of these tools, to help them explore how they can improve the relationships that they are already building.

The most exciting thing about using Social Media tools, in my opinion, is that they actually free you up from being stuck in front of a computer all day. Any cell phone on the market today can access Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, or nearly any other social media tool that you’re using, so that you can interact on the go. It’s a fantastic example of technology enriching and enabling our real lives.

Twitter is, by far, one of the most popular tools that companies are using to interact with current and potential customers. Major companies such as Dell and AT&T are employing teams of people to simply monitor Twitter, and directly interact with consumers who are expressing issues with Dell computers or AT&T’s service. These Twitter Teams are able to quickly act to resolve situations, and it seems to be paying off.

I’ve also noticed other companies who simply reach out to say thanks. In the past few months, I’ve tweeted about great experiences with, Discount Tires, and more, only to quickly receive a ‘thanks’ via Twitter. It’s not much, but it feels great to know that these companies are listening, and more importantly, talking back.

If your company is trying to make sense of all this social media mumbo-jumbo, or if you know someone who is, please do let me know (or point them here). I’d love to chat with them, to see how I can help them work smarter to better engage directly with their current and potential customers.

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