I’m Traveling Again

I’m traveling again, this time to Stuttgart, Germany, for Nokia World 2009. Normally, Nokia World takes place in December, so the earlier event dates will definitely make the weather a bit more bearable. I’m traveling quite gadget-heavy, as well, which is nothing unusual. For starters, I’m bringing 2 laptops. I realize that might be a mistake, but theoretically it will offer a great experience. Last year, I attempted to cover Nokia World with only the Fujitsu P1610, and it was a horrid experience. Managing massive high-resolution photos, including editing and uploading, simply wasn’t feasible with the weak processor, unfortunately.

This trip, I’ll have both my Dell XPS M1330 and my Asus 1000HE along for the ride. The XPS M1330 will likely stay in my bag most of the time, and will be extremely beneficial to edit videos and photos at the event, rather than having to wait until I get home. Conversely, the Asus 1000HE, while a powerful machine for its size, will be much better suited to taking notes during interviews and putting together quick blog posts on the go. Its extended battery – further extended by cranking down the display brightness and other factors – will also make it ideal to cover an event from.

I’m also bringing a borrowed Nokia N810 Internet Tablet, for two reasons – first, the Nokia N900 was recently announced, and it’ll be great to be able to get some side-by-side comparison photos of the long-lost brothers. Second, the N810 will make it even easier to liveblog a keynote speech or do other text-oriented tasks, in a handheld form factor.

As for phones, I’m bringing along the N86 8MP, E63 NAM, 5800 Euro, and an LG KT610. The LG will be given to Rita el Khoury, my editor who lives in Paris, France. Its tri-band GSM is of limited use to me in the U.S., so I figure she’ll be able to put it to good use. The N86 8MP will be my workhorse – performing the function of connectivity, as well as digital camera and video camera. It’s no easy task, but the last few weeks with this phone suggest that it’s definitely up to the task. The E63 NAM is only here as a charging device – it uses the same 1500mAh battery as the N810, and the 5800 Euro is only around in case the N86 8MP bites the dust (knock on wood).

You can follow the fun on twitter at @rcadden, or on Symbian-Guru.com.

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