Samsung Announces TL220 ‘Duh’ Digital Camera

Every now and again in the technology world, someone releases a ‘duh’ product or feature. It’s not normally all that innovative or technologically advanced, but rather one of those things that simply make you think ‘duh’. Today’s example is the new Samsung DualView TL220 digital camera.

Samsung DualView TL220

The Samsung DualView TL220 is a relatively high-end 12.2 megapixel point-and-shoot camera, with the ability to record video in HD. If that sounds impressive, it’s not. It’s mostly standard fare these days. However, the really cool thing about the Samsung DualView TL220 is that it has 2 displays – one on the back, like most cameras, and one on the front.

This second display on the front of the camera basically mirrors whatever is shown on the screen around back, which makes framing self portraits MUCH easier. Even better is that the camera is priced normally, at around $299.99. You can also check out the Samsung PR page for it, which shows off a ton of the other cool features the camera has. I may have to buy one of these to replace my Panasonic.

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