Firefox Introduces Add-On Collections

One of the reasons I stick with Firefox is due to its excellent library of add-ons, which add functionality or features to the browser. Thanks to a handful of add-ons, 80% of my experience on my computer is entirely done through my browser, and the other 20% likely could be if I really wanted to (and was willing to sacrifice some functionality). Unfortunately, I have several computers, and it can be a pain to make sure I’ve got all my normal add-ons installed on each one.

While add-on collections don’t quite offer the holy grail – synchronization of add-ons across multiple Firefox installs – they do make it easier for me to get a computer up and running by allowing me to group all my favorite add-ons into a single place. You can find my collection here, and there is a new add-on, called Add-On Collector, that allows you to subscribe to various collections and get a notification when a new add-on is added to your collections.

The Collections library is available here, and there are some quite good ones. If only I could easily synchronize my add-ons across my Firefox installs, I’d be a much happier camper. However, collections is a nice start that will make it much easier to get things setup when I get a new computer.

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