ZeeMote Uses Twitter For Customer Satisfaction

I’m an admittedly huge fan of ZeeMote. They make the JS1, which is a Bluetooth gaming remote for cell phones. It’s an absolutely brilliant idea, and well-implemented, too. There’s a ZeeKey application for Symbian-powered smartphones like my Nokia N79, and I recently discovered a ZeeKey application for the Nokia N800, which I need to try out soon. In any case, I recently broke the battery cover on my ZeeMote JS1, and tweeted about it.

My immediate thoughts were that I would need to simply work up a tape solution to keep the battery cover on the joystick, for continued enjoyment. The tweet was just to voice my frustration. 2 days later, I received an @reply from jeikka, who apparently works for ZeeMote, asking me to email their support folks, which I did.

After a few emails with their support  team, I’ve just received a replacement door cover for my ZeeMote JS1, even though breaking the battery door was clearly my own fault. Politely included in the package is a print-out showing how to properly install and remove the battery door cover – another nice gesture, and I’m happily gaming with my ZeeMote JS1 again.

Note that they were not overly helpful, which is fine. They didn’t ship me a whole new kit, which would have been wasteful, but took my situation, replaced exactly the parts that I needed, and provided me with information to help get longer use out of the replacement. Total cost to ZeeMote was likely $3: $1.39 in postage, and another $1.61 for the battery door, packaging, and print-out.

I noticed that there is not currently an official ZeeMote account, nor was Jeikka’s profile filled out completely – no custom background showing off his Zeemote position, nor an avatar revealing his ties with the company. I also noticed that there is no official Zeemote YouTube channel, despite there being several videos showing off the controller (one by yours truly).

If anyone at Zeemote is reading this, I’d really like to help you guys make a splash in the mobile gaming market. There are a number of social media tools that you can use and properly align with your current marketing efforts to really get things rolling. You can email me at Ricky(at)RickyCadden(dot)com.

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