Another Brilliant Use For Pico Projectors

While I have yet to actually get to play with one in real life, the idea of pico projectors, confirmed in countless demo videos that I’ve watched, is awesome. Pico projectors, if you’re not aware, are tiny projectors – often roughly the size of a cell phone – are becoming a big deal, allowing for ultra-portable projecting of video content anywhere and everywhere. Most of them connect to your cell phone via video-out, or can connect to a laptop or whatever else. One, from Samsung, even has its own display, so that it can be used as a personal media player (PMP) as well as a projector – brilliant.

While many of my friends have trouble understanding the value here, I think there are tons of ways having a super-small projector can add value to products. They simply make sharing media a group event, rather than all crowding around a sub-3-inch display, or passing a cell phone around for individual viewing. Other great opportunities would include being affixed to gaming systems, so that wherever you take it, you don’t need to bother with a screen.

The latest absolutely ‘duh’ implementation of pico projectors is inside camcorders and digital cameras. Yes, how brilliant is that. You use the device to capture memories, but when you want to share them, you’re left hoping you brought along some random cable, or worse yet, all, again, crowding around a tiny little display. Why not toss a pico projector in there, so you can simply play back your memories on any available wall? Awesome.

Pico projectors are, in my opinion, a great example of technology enriching and enabling our real lives. They make it easier to share things with other people, and that’s something I definitely like.

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