Boingo Knows Good PR

A few weeks ago, the Sling Player for iPhone was released through the App Store, though unfortunately users quickly discovered that it was barred from using the 3G cellular connection – only WiFi. Obvious iPhone-bashing opportunity aside (I used Sling on my unbranded phones over 3G with zero issues), that just plain sucks for iPhone users. So what does Boingo have to do with it?

Their PR folks took a bad situation and turned it into an awesome PR opportunity by offering iPhone owners one free month of their unlimited smartphone WiFi plan – a $7.95 value. Yes, I’m aware that Boingo already offered a free month, but they went to the effort to publicise this for iPhone/Slingbox owners.

AT&T already offers iPhone owners free WiFi on their WiFi Hotspot network, but Boingo adds a whole slough of connection options. I’ve used Boingo several times when traveling, and would highly recommend it if you’re a frequent traveler, specifically through airports. It’s a great feeling to be able to turn your laptop on and see that friendly ‘A Boingo Network is Available’ box pop up and know you’re connected.

If you’re an iPhone/Slingbox owner, you can get the hookup here . If you’re not, but are interested in checking out Boingo, you can of course use the same link. Props to Boingo for making themselves relevant as problem solvers for an otherwise unrelated problem.

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