Asus EeePC 1000HE Unboxing

I’m a big geek, which is why I love making unboxing videos even more than I love watching them. I’m going to assume you like watching them, too. Thus, here’s my quick unboxing video of the Asus EeePC 1000HE that I just got from . It cost me $425 shipped 2-day, with the 2GB stick of RAM that’s pretty much needed for any netbook to be zippy enough.

Installing the RAM took all of 2 minutes. It took me longer to find the screwdriver, honestly. The RAM is right there underneath the panel, all I had to do was release the holding arms and pull it right out, then reverse the process to put the new RAM in. Easy as pie.

Installing Windows 7 RC1 over the Windows XP installation was a bit more tricky, though. By default, the 1000HE uses a ‘Quick Boot’ method that skips the BIOS screen and goes straight into Windows XP. While this is awesome for most consumers, it makes accessing the BIOS and changing the boot drives a bit tricky. Turns out, I needed to press F2 or F10 repeatedly BEFORE the Windows logo showed up, to disable Quick Boot. Then, I rebooted, this time pressing ‘ESC’ repeatedly until I got the boot selection screen. From there, I simply chose USB drive and followed the normal Windows 7 instructions.

Getting things to work is easy, if you can read. There are some specific drivers and such that apparently need to be downloaded from Asus’ website and run in compatibility mode to work on Windows 7. It’s not really difficult, just somewhat inconvenient to have to hunt these down and read up on them. I’ve found the community at to be incredibly helpful.

I’ll have more thoughts on this fun new toy as I get a chance to really put it to work.

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