BirdBet Keeps Track Of Your Friends’ Lame Bets

If you’re a guy (and possibly if you’re a girl), then there’s no denying that you’ve said the words, ‘I’ll bet you $XX…’ to your friends. The XX can be any number, typically lower than 10, whereas the sentence can be completed with any number of options. It could be the result of a sports game, whether or not one party is able to do something specific (finish that beer in 2 minutes, hit a barrel with a rock, etc.). The important thing to know about this phenomenon is that 1. it’s a small, informal bet on a concrete situation and 2. it’s tough to enforce.

BirdBet has just stepped in to reinforce the first problem, and help solve the second. BirdBet combines Twitter with Tipjoy to facilitate these small, yet serious bets among friends more easily. The system is simple. You login with your Twitter account (you don’t have to give BirdBet your login details – they do it all proper), and then send a tweet to your friend, dictating how much you want to bet, followed by what it is that you’re betting on.


A tweet is sent out through your account, calling out your soon-to-be-less-rich friend, so that they’re aware. There’s also a link included, so that each party can track the bet, including when it was made, who extended it, how much, and other extremely important details. Seeing as how several of my friends have….heated discussions…over long-past bets quite frequently, I can easily see how BirdBet is a good idea for them. Unfortunately, none of them are on Twitter, but that’s beside the point.

Micropayment services like Tipjoy are sure to become more and more popular and commonplace, and I’m excited to see new ways to use them, such as BirdBet. It’s a classic case of technology enriching and enabling our real lives, and I absolutely love it. I think it will be wildly popular, don’t you? Wanna bet on it?

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Just a dude with a phone.

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