5 Ways To Use Twitter To Increase Traffic

Twitter is a powerful tool, but you can waste quite a bit of time there, as well. I’ve been using Twitter to drive traffic to Symbian-Guru.com for several months now, and thought I would share a few of the things that are working well. It’s important to note that simply having a large number of followers does not guarantee your brand will be successful on Twitter. You have to use the tool properly if you want to be able to get a solid return on the investment of time and resources.

Below are five tips that have helped increase traffic from Twitter to Symbian-Guru.com:

1. Build your profile. Just like your site’s homepage is where you make a first impression, your Twitter profile is often a deciding factor when someone is considering clicking on that ‘Follow’ button. Fill it out completely.

2. Feed your blog. There are a number of tools to automate this, but it’s helpful to have your site’s RSS feed coming into your Twitter feed. Readers can more easily get to your site that way, and good posts often get retweeted by your readers, which means more potential visitors.

3. ENGAGE. Set aside a bit of time every day to interact with people on Twitter. Do a few keyword searches, and find people who are asking questions that you can answer. Helping others is one of the best ways to build respect and authority in your field, and will increase the likelihood that they will visit your site to see what else you know.

4. Retweet others in your niche. This is similar to linking to them from your blog – it builds your rapport, and increases the likelihood that they’ll return the favor eventually.

5. Help your readers use Twitter. If you’re on Twitter, that likely means that you think your readers are, too. Regardless of your niche, do a few posts on how they can better use Twitter. If you blog about mobile, show how to use Twitter on their mobiles. If you blog about quilting circles, share how Twitter can help organize the next meet, or get answers to tricky quilting questions. If your readers aren’t using Twitter, then why are you?

While this is clearly not a complete guide, it should get you started. Using these tips and more, traffic from Twitter.com to Symbian-Guru.com has grown 27% over the past 30 days, and ranks in the top 10 sources of traffic for the site. Social media tools such as Twitter can be extremely valuable, if you know how to use them properly. They can also easily be abused, alienating your current or potential customers.

Ricky Cadden is available to help you use Social Media tools such as Twitter to grow your brand by authentically engaging with your current and potential customers as the experience your brand. You can read more about Ricky’s skills here, or contact him at Ricky(at)RickyCadden(dot)com.

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