Fujitsu P1610 Up For Sale On Ebay

As excited as I was to get the Fujitsu P1610, the Dell Mini 9 has completely replaced it, so I’ve finally gotten around to putting the Fujitsu P1610 up on Ebay. Yes, I realize Ebay is a horrid, horrid place to sell things, but it’s also a bit easier to deal with than Craigslist. In fact, the P1610 has been on Craigslist twice now, with no success.


You can check out the listing here. I splurged a bit on the ‘extras’, but hopefully that will help push things along, as well. I’m taking quite a hit on the sale price, but I need to get rid of it. Also, please ignore the username – as you can see, I’ve had that account since 2000, a time when I was less concerned about my username and what people would think of it.

The P1610 is a fantastic little machine, don’t get me wrong. I wish the Dell Mini 9 had the P1610’s keyboard and display, but I just can’t handle that stupid nubbin – I need me a touchpad, even if it’s as tiny as the one on the Dell is.

If you’d like to trade an EeePC 1008HE straight up for my P1610, email me, I’m definitely game.

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