48 Hours In Denmark – Updated

If you know me, you know that I’m a nut about digital media. Whenever I go anywhere, I’ve got my phone with me, and I’m snapping photos, or taking videos, most of which I upload immediately to share with you online. I’m also a heavy Twitter user, constantly posting updates throughout the day, even when I’m on vacation. You can imagine how pumped I was, then, to see this contest, wanting me to show how I use digital media while travelling.

The project is called 48 Hours In Denmark, and it’s put together by Seismonaut, a Danish consultancy that’s backed by Midtjysk Turisme, a Danish ‘Destination Management Organization’. They want to study how people use digital media while traveling, to better help companies in the tourism industry. Sounds awesome, and if we win, they’ll send Mrs. Guru and I off to Denmark for 48 hours!

Here’s the video I put together as my entry. I need your votes, though – all you have to do is leave a comment here. Thanks! Woops! Looks like I’m a bit quick on the draw – voting hasn’t officially started yet, but I’ll make sure and let you know when it is! Voting is now live again! You can click here, and then vote for me on the far right. Thanks so much! Be sure to pass the link to your friends, too!

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