Report From The Trip


As you know, Mrs. Guru and I just got back from our trip to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. We had a great time, and I wanted to share some feedback with you:

1. Schooner Racquet and Beach Club – We stayed here the whole trip, and it was awesome. They just had WiFi put in last year, apparently, and I was pleased to find that the signal was strong, and I was getting speeds decent enough to upload media (both photos and HD video), as well as other random internet stuff. I didn’t try a video call or VOIP or anything, but for other online activity, it was excellent, and the full signal was in all parts of our 2-bedroom condo, too. The staff was super friendly, and always ready to help out with whatever we needed. The rooms were really nice, and all of them face the ocean. We actually ended up sleeping on the pull-out sofa the whole time, because you couldn’t hear the ocean from the bedroom, but there were some units, apparently, with the bedroom closer to the ocean. We would *definitely* stay there again, without question.

2. SunCruz Casino Cruise – another definite repeat, if we get over there again. For a $10 boarding fee, you get a buffet (don’t bother, just eat before you go, trust me), free drinks while you’re gaming, and about 4 hours of gaming on the open seas. The boat is nice, with clean bathrooms and plenty of room, and takes you out into international waters before they can turn on the slots or open the tables. One thing I especially liked was that for the trip from the dock to the seas, they had gaming tutorials at each table (craps, roulette, etc), so you could learn how to play. The guy teaching craps was friendly and knowledgeable. I played the craps table for the first half of the night ($5 minimum bet), until I ran out of money, at which point I joined Mrs. Guru on the slots. Definitely a good time, and thanks to her, only cost us $40 total. Not bad.

3. Executive Helicopters – for around $200, we took a ~10 minute helicopter tour of the cost, including a brief flyover of the intracoastal waterway. They have cheaper and shorter tours available, but this one worked good for us. The pilot was friendly, and chatted with us the whole time, telling us about himself and various things that we were seeing. I got a great video of the whole thing, and for $6, we got a 5×7 of us next to the helicopter. Definitely fun, if you can stomach the flying.

4. Putt-Putt – there are, at the very least, 30-40 different putt-putt places in Myrtle Beach. I kid you not, they were everywhere, and they’re extravagant, as well. Since our first date was at Putt-Putt, it was only appropriate that we play a few rounds. Definitely a good time, though the holes on both courses we played were excessively easy – like they spent their whole budget on the decor and didn’t have anything left over for the holes.

5. Calabash Seafood buffets – these are also everywhere, most of them boasting 120 items and crab legs. However, we weren’t too impressed, frankly. The quality was just ‘meh’, and our dinner buffet at one of the smaller ones was a whopping $21.99 each. We were both a bit putt-off by the lack of fun hole-in-the-wall seafood joints, honestly.

6. Benny Rappa’s Trattoria – if you go to Myrtle Beach, eat here. You can send me a thank you card later. It’s small, cozy, and the food and service were both top notch. Their menu changes daily, and is thus only written on a massive chalkboard on one end of the restaurant. Everything was freakin delicious and homemade.

We both really enjoyed Myrtle Beach, though the weather (mid-60s the whole week, with rain coming in towards the end of the week) killed off the end of the trip, cancelling a dolphin-watching boat ride in the process.

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