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Mrs. Guru and I are headed out on a road trip soon. We’ll be driving from Fort Worth, TX to Myrtle Beach, SC, 2,400 miles round trip. I’ve always been a big road tripper, as they’re far more fun than flying, and cheaper (even in my 2006 GMC Sierra, it’ll only cost ~$300 roundtrip to drive). As with any good geek, I’ve already plugged our destination into Google Maps to get a general sense of the highways we’ll take. Turns out, it’s just Interstate 20 all the way there, lol.

The best part about road trips, in my opinion, is the random stuff you find along the freeway along the route. I have a rule that you’re not allowed to eat at any restaurant that you have at home while on a road trip, and road trips are the only time it’s OK to eat at Cracker Barrel. Unfortunately, while there are hundreds of great tools for planning what to do once we’ve arrived at our destination, there’s a severe lack of sites and services to help us find stuff along the way.

What I’d like to see is a mashup with Google Maps that lets me see interesting spots along the way. Ideally, I could filter these by the type of place (food, shopping, just random interesting places), etc. This could even be a mashup with something like Socialight or another social LBS.

The key feature is the ability to specify a route and have it *only* show me those places along that route. Perhaps a configurable setting for how far off the freeway I’m willing to go would be OK, too. If you know of this service, PLEASE let me know, preferably before Friday. Otherwise, please build it.

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