I’m Proud That Abilene Christian University Is My Alma Mater

When I chose Abilene Christian University for my degree, it wasn’t a very educated decision. I was already in Abilene, looking at Hardin Simmons University, and had some spare time. My mom, who was with me, suggested that we check out ACU, while we were in town, and I thought, ‘why not?’ It turned out to be the best decision ever. I was floored by the quality and professionalism I saw in their Business Dept., and so for 4.5 years of my life, I called Abilene my home, and got a great business-oriented education from some great professors.

Fast forward to now, and ACU is quickly positioning itself as one of *the* leading technology-embracing colleges out there. A few years after I graduated, they were one of the first colleges in the country to give incoming freshmen an iPhone, loaded up with University-specific applications and features. You can get more information about that program here.

Today, I stumbled upon something else really cool – ACU has apparently transitioned the vast majority of its IT services onto Google Apps. Having experienced first-hand the former system, I can confidently say that the difference is night and day. Check out this video below:

Basically, ACU is opening itself up to using today’s technology and leading services to not only make wise financial decisions, but at the same time it’s spending less, it’s offering its students an even better, more connected experience. I seriously could not be any more proud that my degree says Abilene Christian University on it. It’s really cool to see this.

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