New Skin From

Camo Skin From DecalGirl.comWhen I got this Dell Mini 9, one thing I knew I wanted was a skin for it. Mrs. Guru got me a skin from for Christmas for my XPS M1330, and it’s great, but it didn’t come with a piece for the inside wristrest. After doing some more research online, I discovered, and decided to give it a go.

Unfortunately, only has this digital camo pattern, and not the normal type that I prefer. Either way, I decided to take the plunge and order the ACU Camo pattern from I chose regular shipping, and my order was promptly processed and shipped out of Delaware, coming to Texas.

Camo Skin From

As you can see, there are 3 separate pieces – one for the outer cover, one for the wristrest, and one for the top portion of the inside of the laptop, above the keyboard. The skin itself is a thick latex-type material with a glossy finish, and sticks securely to the laptop. The sticky part is reusable, too, and comes off with no residue, so that if you put it on crooked the first time, you can simply peel it off and try again.

Camo Skin From

The skin itself was $18 and some change, shipped, and I would highly recommend it. They don’t do skins for many laptops, but they have most of the popular netbooks, as well as a handful of other consumer electronics. For the price, it’s pretty tough to beat, and adds a personal touch to your laptop.

Camo Skin From

I’m definitely a fan, cause now both of my laptops have camo on them.

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