New Years’ Resolution


Happy New Year! It’s now 2009, which is some crazy stuff, I can’t believe 2008 is already stinkin over! The year goes by so fast, especially once you hit Thanksgiving. I’m looking forward to some cool stuff in the mobile and tech industries this year, even with the economy in the pooper, I think there’s going to be some exciting stuff happening.

In any case, my New Years’ Resolution this year is to post on this site, every single day (minus weekends, which are optional). I can’t promise every day will be something super-duper cool or exciting or thought-provoking, but I will promise not to post nonsense or my delicious feed or anything like that. Also, I’ve noticed that I now, according to Feedburner, have 22 RSS subscribers, which is kind of cool. So that’s it. One post per day, every day. You’re welcome.

Published by rcadden

Just a dude with a phone.

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