A Guarantee Of What?


I’m not sure if you can read the sign on the back of this bus, but it says, ‘Exam within 15 minutes of your appointment, Guranteed.’ It’s for a Diagnostic Imaging office, promising prompt service. What struck me as odd is that there’s no explanation of what happens if you *don’t* get your exam within 15 minutes. Do you get it free? What if your insurance was covering it, anyways? You get a lollipop? Perhaps a free surgery?

What is a ‘guarantee’ worth, if there’s nothing offered in case it’s broken? While this is a great marketing idea, it really offers very little value to consumers. It’s also slightly misleading, similar to the car dealerships who promise that they will not turn you down, regardless of your credit. Sure, they won’t turn you down, but don’t expect a realistic interest rate, either, especially if you have the type of credit those ads typically attract.

So then, what is the purpose of a guarantee that’s not backed by something?

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