Fujitsu P1610 – Great For Travel, But Not For Work

I just got back from Nokia World 2008, which was held in Barcelona, Spain. As you know, I also recently got my Fujitsu P1610, and was keen on seeing how well the P1610 would hold up to an event such as Nokia World, as my only machine. The smaller size, I figured, would be a boon, helping me cover things much easier, and to that end, it was.

Having taken a 15.4, 13.3, and now an 8.9″ laptop through security in an airport, I can say, without a doubt, that I would *much* prefer to travel with the latter. It’s a cinch to get in and out of a laptop bag, and I rather enjoyed the interested looks that it got from the TSA guys. Also, using such a small laptop in the waiting area and onboard the plane was a much better experience than with the larger laptops.

Unfortunately, that’s where the honeymoon ended. Monday night, I was handed a USB key with tons of press photos and pdfs and whatnot, and also had a few videos that I needed to upload pronto, for the next morning. Unfortunately, the photos and videos were huge files, and with the slightly underpowered P1610, I was unable to usably run Photoshop or any video editing software. I’ve noticed that if I have IM and Firefox open, with more than 4 tabs, the P1610 slows down considerably, making multitasking a daunting experience.

This proved true thoughout the rest of the trip, as I generated more and more video content, and was unable to edit any of it until I came home to my Dell XPS M1330. I also ran into an annoying issue with Civilization3 on the P1610, where it jacks with the display.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love the little guy, and will continue to explore different use-case scenarios. Unfortunately, this trip was made rather difficult by the underpowered processor.

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