Keep Your Noise To Yourself

I caught this post over at earlier this week, and decided to cross-post my comment here. The post is about the best (and cheapest) noise-cancelling headphones, and encourages you to do-it-yourself using an old pair of headphones and some construction headphones. While that likely works fine, I much prefer to have something smaller for traveling.

One of my favorite tools – traveling or not – is the Bose TriPort In-Ear earphones I got at the Nokia: Go Play event in London. They’re pricey, coming in at $100 on Amazon, but they’re totally worth it, and I’m not one to pay for earphones, normally. I love these earphones so much for a few reasons:

1. They come with a really classy, but easy to use leather-wrapped spindle case. This keeps them from getting tangled, yet it’s really small, and looks nice.

2. They’re insanely comfortable. I don’t really care for the earphones that stick completely into your ear, as I find that sometimes those get uncomfortable after a while. These Bose things rest inside your ear, but don’t really go as deep as other in-ear earphones I’ve tried.

3. They’re nearly soundproof. This is the kicker. In both directions, these babies are nearly completely soundproof. When I’m wearing them, I don’t really hear much of anything going on around me, no matter what environment I’m in. On the other side, I can have my music up as loud as I want, and even someone sitting right next to me can’t hear a thing. It’s awesome when I’m working from bed and the Mrs. has already gone to sleep, or when I’m on a plane headed somewhere.

You’ll seldom find me without these earphones nearby, whether I’m working at home or out and about. They’re simply great.

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