Why Are Laptop Fingerprint Scanners So Underutilized?

I bought a new laptop recently (Dell XPS M1330), and I completely love it. However, one feature on this computer is a biometric fingerprint scanner. My work laptop (Lenovo T61) has one, as well. Obviously, these little scanners are great for security, allowing you to secure your laptop with your fingerprint. But what if security isn’t an issue?

On my personal laptop, I’m the only one who uses it. I don’t store financial records on it, so anyone who swipes it is really only going to get my 11k music collection and a junkload of photographs. Hence, I’d rather be able to make use of this fingerprint scanner for something I’d actually use – such as launching applications, or as a hotkey combination.

For launching applications, it’s easy – I have 4 fingers and a thumb on my right hand (as do you), so why not allow me to launch 5 different applications, based on which finger/thumb I scan? Shouldn’t be too difficult, I wouldn’t think. Even better than that would be a similar approach, but for key combinations. Imagine being able to copy something to your clipboard by swiping your index finger, then pasting it with your thumb. Why not use your pinky to send something straight to the Recycle Bin?

Does anyone else have a fingerprint scanner built into their computer that doesn’t get used? Have you been able to find an app that does what I’m wanting?

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