Spinvox Loves Your Accent

I’m a massive fan of Spinvox. It’s no secret, I rave about them periodically on Symbian-Guru. If you’re sick of hassling with dialing in for your messages, give it a look, it’s awesome to get your voicemail delivered as an SMS. Pitches aside, my buddy James Whatley at Spinvox has worked up a really cool competition called ‘We Love Your Accent.

Basically, they’ve hooked up with Moblog.net to get you to call in and say that your favorite accents are. That’s it, whatever you speak will be automatically crossposted to the Moblog.net Love Your Accent blog, and you’ll be entered to win a Nokia N82 smartphone or a pack of 250 Moocards.

Unfortunately, this one’s only available to those in the UK, but I hope they put together something similar for the U.S., as it’s really a neat idea. I also find it cool cause I’m completely obsessed with accents. One of my favorite movie of all time is My Fair Lady, for the various accents used in the film.

What’s your favorite? I’m partial to something I like to call an ‘elegant twang’, which is typically found in central and east Texas, though I also *really* love hearing people with French accents.

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