This Is Why I Hate YouTube

People ask me all the time if I saw something on YouTube. The answer is always a resounding no, I did not. I hate YouTube. It’s a horrid place, and the only reason any of my videos are on there is for the traffic. I have no shame in saying that, there’s so many people on there, any video content creator looking for the most viewers  would be daft to not put their videos on there.

I just saw this in my RSS reader. Apparently, soon games on the PS3 could allow users to record their gameplay and post the clips on YouTube, right from the console. Great, so now YouTube will be riddled with 10-15 second videos of some dude running around playing Halo. Seriously?

I hate YouTube because it’s 80% complete garbage. There are 10-15 versions of the same video, which clouds search results, and users tag their crap with ANYTHING, just to move up in keyword searches. Do it, search for ‘Nokia’ and see what all noise you get. It’s awful.

Also, there’s no ‘community’ there. There’s far too much spam for a community to exist.

(By the way, if you’re a video content creator looking for viewers, check out It lets you upload your video to like, 10 different video services at the same time. It’s completely brilliant, and the easiest way to distribute your video. They even pull in viewer stats from each service, so you can see which ones are getting the most viewers.)

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