James Whatley On Corporate Blogging

James Whatley, one of my good friends, recently chatted with BBC’s Technology reporter Rory Cellan-Jones about blogging and companies and how the two are working to get along. Whatley is the Digital Marketing Product Manager and Chief Blogger over at Spinvox, which I’m a huge fan of. They’ve also put up a blog post giving more detail on the whole situation of bigger corporations hiring bloggers to keep in touch with consumers better.

As a blogger, I love this idea, and think it’s completely brilliant. I like that more and more companies are not only setting up blogs, where they can publish more personal and less press release-y information, but also the idea that they’re hiring people to keep track of conversations online.

It’s extremely important that consumers have a way to hear and be heard, and it certainly fosters a better company-consumer relationship, which is crucial for long-term sales.


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