Moving From Admob to Adsense For Mobile

I’ve got Symbian-Guru, my main site, mobilized, and I’m currently using Admob to publish ads there. I think of Admob as the ‘underdog’, specially compared to Google’s Adsense, and I like to root for the underdog. However, there’s a few reasons that I’m completely unimpressed with them:

1. There’s no way to set filters for ads that will show on my site. That means that, unless I go in daily and manage the ads, I may have some ads running with CPM of $0.30, along with the $4 ones. That’s a pain, and something I shouldn’t have to do.

2. There’s no way to have the site remember me. I have to manually sign in, every time. I don’t use password managers on my desktop because then there’s a high chance I’m going to forget it. However, it should AT LEAST offer to remember my username.

3.  It’s yet another site for me to sign in and check.

Thus, I’ll be switching to Adsense for Mobile soon. I wanted to work with Admob, I really did, but it’s just not fun or easy to use.

Published by rcadden

Just a dude with a phone.

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