JaikuInvites.com Invites You To Share

JaikuInvites.comI’m an avid user of Jaiku, and since they were purchased by Google a while back, it’s been an invite only service, sadly. The biggest problem with this is that we ‘old-timers’ have invites, but there’s no way for people who’re interested in the service to snag an invite, other than signing up and waiting for Jaiku.

Enter JaikuInvites.com, where current Jaikunauts (as we’re sometimes called) can log their email address and the number of invites they currently have available. Potential users can also log their email, and the system will match the two up. It’s a great way to share the wealth, and to get involved.

If you’re already a Jaikunaut, you can find out how many shares you have by clicking here (must be signed in to Jaiku). It will say how many invites you have available, and you then log in over at JaikuInvites.com with however many of those you’d like to share.

Easy peasy.

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