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Set Goals

My 2014 Personal Goals

It’s January, which means you’re supposed to put forth your ‘new year resolutions’. Typically, these are silly, non-SMART goals like ‘eat healthier’, …

Know Where You Stand

Know Where You Stand

I recently stumbled across this photo set by American photographer Seth Taras, as part of a campaign for The History Channel called …

Eagle GoPro

Soaring Like An Eagle

GoPro cameras and other “action cameras” are really hitting their stride in the marketplace, and we’re seeing some really cool videos as …

Beauvoir-en-Lyons, France

Dronestagram Is Awesome

Longtime readers will know that I love to have interesting photography in my feeds and I like drones, so it’s no wonder …


My First 3D Printed Design

Not long ago, Autodesk¬†announced they were purchasing a company called Tinkercad. Tinkercad is basically an online web-based CAD (Computer Aided Design) tool …