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Books I Read 2015

Books I Read In 2015

When I was a kid, I read books. LOTS of books. I regularly knocked out the Texas Bluebonnet reading list, and even …


Wednesday Watch: POLIS

POLIS, today’s Wednesday Watch, is just over five minutes long, but it’ll grip your attention immediately. It’s also thankfully on its way …


Wednesday Watch: Zerogon

Trip out with today’s Wednesday Watch called “Zerogon”. It’s about a dude-spider alien thing that…well…you really need to watch to the end. …


Wednesday Watch: HENRi

Old becomes new in today’s Wednesday Watch called HENRi. This short film features an intelligent spaceship (played by Keir Dullea, known as …

Time Trap

Wednesday Watch: Time Trap

Today’s Wednesday Watch focuses on a cyborg who travels in time to repair his ship. However, he has a bit of trouble …


Wednesday Watch: Wanderers

I’ve always been pestered by a bit of wanderlust – that nagging desire for something new, something unseen. Today’s Wednesday Watch is …