This Hexapod Is Cool And Creepy

In most sci-fi movies, there are various types of robots that can move around on their own. Sometimes, they look like humans (called Androids), and sometimes, they don’t (think R2-D2). As engineers explore different capabilities, we’re sure to continue to see different types of robots. Norwegian engineer Kåre Halvorsen recently built what he calls ‘MorpHex MKII’, which is a spider-like hexapod robot.

You can see in the animation below, the MorpHex MKII has a series of panels that can retract and move around, enabling all sorts of movement. It can walk on these ‘panels’, or it can retract them all and roll around like a ball.

MorpHex MKII

Here’s a full video of the MorpHex MKII in action:

I, for one, welcome our spherical overlords.

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