Show Off Your Burning Platform On The Burning Platform

In February 2011, just a few days before making the formal announcement that it would begin making Windows Phone smartphones, Nokia’s new CEO, Stephen Elop, sent out a memo to employees. That memo was leaked online, and is now referred to as ‘the burning platform memo’, due to the use of a parable about a man who is standing on a burning platform. In it, Elop essentially declared that Nokia had been clinging to a burning platform (Symbian) and that it was time to jump into the great unknown or risk going up in flames holding onto the ‘old familiar’.

It’s been over a year, Nokia has built several successful Windows Phone handsets under its Lumia brand, and yet, it daftly continues to release Symbian powered smartphones, such as the 808 PureView. Don’t get me wrong, the 808 PureView’s 41 megapixel camera is nothing to scoff at, but the Symbian operating system that it’s based on totally is.

Fortunately, someone in the Symbian community spotted an opportunity – they’ve released a ‘Burning Platform’ theme for Symbian-powered smartphones, so that you can be reminded every single day that the phone you’re using is powered by something so obsolete. Brilliant.

burning platformburning platform

I’ve always loved the Symbian community, and this theme makes me love it even more. RIP.

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