Nokia Finally Learns How To Accessorize A Cameraphone

As a Nokia blogger/fanboi through the inception, rise, and fall of the Nseries of multimedia-creation powerhouses that Nokia released over the years, there was always a big area of frustration for me, especially surrounding their unrivaled cameraphones – they never properly accessorized or packaged them. That’s why I was glad to see that Chris Davies at SlashGear received his presumably-review-unit Nokia 808 PureView with a full kit to take advantage of the 41 (yes, four-one) megapixel camera.

808 PureView

In the kit was the phone (obviously), a custom-printed Golla bag, spare external charger (the Nokia DC-16), an HDMI kit, and more importantly, a TRIPOD WITH A CUSTOM MOUNT. Yes, that’s correct. The last time Nokia offered something like this was the Nokia DT-22, which was released in 2006. Unfortunately, Nokia didn’t know what they had in the DT-22 (a recurring theme for Nokia….), and it was nearly impossible to find. So, with the 808 PureView that Chris received, Nokia was wise enough to include a Gorillapod tripod and a new custom tripod mount designed especially for the PureView. Brilliant.

What really bothers me, though, is that Nokia isn’t selling this bundle as stand-alone – it was reportedly created specifically for these ‘review bundles’. Daft. Perhaps when they get around to releasing a Windows Phone with PureView, they’ll be smart enough to include a proper tripod mount in the package, right next to the wall charger and user manual.

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