My Name Is Ricky, And I Am A Cord-Cutter

When I was a kid, my sister used to babysit for a family that didn’t have a TV in their livingroom. The parents kept the TV in a closet, and they brought it out with a DVD player periodically, and let the kids watch pre-approved shows. It boggled my mind how those kids survived. Now I know. I don’t remember *exactly* when my wife and I ‘cut the cord’, but it was at least a year ago, probably two. It has definitely been one of the best decisions we’ve made, and not entirely due to the financial benefits. If you don’t know, ‘cord-cutters’ are people who do not currently subscribe to cable TV. That’s right, we don’t have TV.

It was probably alot easier for us because we also lived without an actual TV in our house for nearly two years. It wasn’t a deliberate move, we just never really replaced our monstrous tube TV when it died. It was actually really liberating. For starters, our livingroom furniture faced……itself, instead of an ominous black box on the wall. When we had people over, we could sit in the room and actually have normal conversations without having to move a chair or two to face each other. It was splendid. We also went back to doing more enlightening things, such as reading and listening to music, both of which we still do to this day.

In any case, when we cancelled the TV portion of our AT&T Uverse account, we saved nearly $90/month. That’s just under $1,200 per year, which, ironically, is enough to buy quite a nice TV. We do still watch TV – we have an Xbox 360, and we watch stuff on Netflix and Hulu Plus. Together that costs us $20/month, plus the annual Xbox LIVE membership, which I got online for $40. Phenomenal, and I can play video games sometimes, too. We also have a Roku box that we bought for the spare room but ended up moving to the livingroom. That little box is $99 and has no annual membership like the Xbox does. Brilliant.

To be honest, I can’t fathom why people still pay for cable TV. It’s seriously baffling. Which puts me squarely in the 33% of a recent study that asked ‘cord-cutters’ if they would ever consider ‘going back’ to cable.

Have you ‘cut the cord’? Did you do it mainly for financial reasons, or was it something else?

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