On The Road: #KloutChevySonic

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of cruising through the great state of Texas with my wife, our child, our chocolate lab, and the new Chevy Sonic. I introduced you to the Chevy Sonic previously, so I wanted to give you a better idea of the size of this little car. For the trip (just an overnighter to Blanco, TX), we had the baby, along with her impressive number of…..accessories, along with the dog in the backseat. However, at one point, Reese needed a bottle, so Christina had to get in the backseat with the two of them to feed it to her. All three of my girls in the backseat of a Chevy Sonic was….hilarious. Here’s the video:


As you can see, while we were indeed able to fit quite a lot of stuff in the back of the Sonic, it was incredibly cramped. This would be a great car for a roadtrip with two people, maybe even a third if they all packed light. However, for a family with a baby and a dog? I would not recommend the Sonic for travelling. Or even for driving around town. To get her carseat in, I had to have my seat scooted up slightly further than was comfortable.

What’s the smallest vehicle you’ve ever tried to travel in?

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