Dating My Wife

Back in the fall of 2006 I met my wife – it’s a fun story, actually – we sort of met on MySpace, even though we went to high school together. I’ll only tell the full version of it in person, so you’ll have to ask the next time we hang out. In any case, we ‘dated’ for a while, then eventually got engaged and married. We’re coming up on our anniversary, but today I’m reminded of one of the founding things of our relationship by my friend James Whatley (if you don’t subscribe to his blog, you’re missing out on one of the best out there).

This was us walking to the spot where I would propose to my wife

At the earliest stages of our relationship, when we had just gotten engaged, Christina and I agreed that having a ‘date night’ every single month is of the utmost importance. I actually posted about this on Jaiku (kinda like Facebook or Twitter, only better, sadly) 4 years ago, as seen on my old Jaiku profile.

The basic definition is this: Date Night is a key to any relationship we decided. It’s every month for the rest of our lives, whether we can afford it or not. Nothing fancy, just a night out, just the two of us, for dinner and a movie or walking around downtown or whatever.

Four years, new jobs, new cities, a new house, and even a new baby later, I’m proud to say that we still do this. Sure, we’ve missed a month here and there, and our date nights have ranged from dinner at Simply Fondue to simply walking around downtown, but we’ve done it. And that has made all the difference.

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