Another 12 Months In The Can

I’ve turned 29 today – another 12 months in the can as I power on through the rest of my life. However, something was different this year. I received the first of many birthday cards from someone who had never given me one before – my daughter. I don’t normally keep cards that are given for various occasions, and as my wife will attest, I’m not big on giving them, either. It’s quite awkward, as you’re never sure how long to keep them around, and you always feel a small pang of guilt when you do decide to toss it in the garbage. However, this is one that I’ll keep forever.

Happy Birthday Dad

Yes, of course I realize that my daughter (who is 5 1/2 months old currently) did not choose the card, nor is that her signature below. Doesn’t matter – it was still the first card I received from my child. Also, she knows that I love grilling, so it’s incredibly fitting for me, too.

Your Little Grill

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