Camping With Others

Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve been a huge fan of the outdoors. My family went camping multiple times per year, and while we didn’t exactly ‘rough it’ (we were usually at a State Park), it was still my favorite thing ever. Now that I’m a bit more grown up, I still love to go camping – there’s nothing more relaxing than turning off anything electronic and just enjoying God’s creation. It’s amazing.

Abby Camping

However, I’ve always enjoyed camping with ME to worry about. A few years ago, I added a dog to that equation, and it turns out, dogs are fantastic campers. Abilene LOVES going camping, and even has a ‘campin collar’ in sweet camo that she gets to wear when we go. Not long after that, I got engaged (actually, yes, on a camping trip) to my beautiful wife, and she’s a pretty decent camper, as well. Most of you already know, but a few months ago, we added a little girl to our family, and I honestly assumed that my camping days were over. Actually, I assumed they were over until Reese was old enough for me to tell her she didn’t have a choice.

However, I recently came across this article on The Art of Manliness (which is an AWESOME blog, by the way) that highlights a few tips and tricks to successfully camping with a baby. Based on the article, I’m convinced that I can handle camping with Reese, and somewhat excited to give it a go.

What’s the youngest you remember going camping?

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