Nokia N8 Producers Competition Is A Win

N8 ProducersEarlier today, Nokia announced its N8 Producers competition, which encourages folks to produce the most creative videos they can using the Nokia N8. The entries will be judged based on their popularity, as well as the opinions of a panel of judges, and winners will get an all-expense-paid trip to Cape Canaveral, Florida, for a cool zero-gravity flight! It’s definitely a cool competition, and even cooler since Nokia’s WOM World asked if I wanted to participate! Of course I agreed (I still had my N8 review unit), so they shipped out a participants pack, which includes a custom-built helmet mount for the N8, a Joby gorillapod tripod, and a handy backpack to carry it all in.

N8 Producers Helmet

You can read my full review of the N8 here, but basically, it is, hands-down, the best cameraphone I’ve ever used in my life. It’s simply absurd how good photos and videos come out, and the onboard video editor makes things fun, too. Other participants received a wrist-mount for the N8 and a waterproof case (my, could I have had fun with that waterproof case on my recent SCUBA diving trip!), so there’ll be no shortage of awesome videos out of this competition. Indeed, my friend James Burland is also playing along, and he’s guaranteed to produce some awesome stuff.

Unfortunately, I’m having a bit of a creative block coming up with cool things to do with this helmet mount for the N8 – if you have any suggestions, please do leave them in the comments below. I’ll try to pick two or three of the best (and most feasible) ideas and do them, so help me out here.

I really like that Nokia is encouraging people to be creative with the Nokia N8. Nokia’s Nseries brand has always stood for quality content creation, and the N8 is no exception.

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