Day 1: Punishment


Today I decided to start a new experiment. I’m going to see how long I can go without using my laptop for personal Internet – instead relying on my Nexus One.

I’ve done something similar, on, called ‘PC-Free For Thirty Days’. However, that was more trying to see if a phone could truly replace a laptop. It can, but not without some major sacrifices. No, today’s experiment is more of a personal one. I want to see how long I, personally, can go without using my laptop for personal Internet. This will force me to change ways that I use my phone, bit will also force me to really assess how I use my laptop (and hopefully convince me to rely on it less). 

I am allowed to use my laptop still, for a few tasks. I obviously need it for syncing my iPod, storing photos, and watching movies. I’m also going to allow myself to play Lord of the Rings Online. Aside from that, all of my email, RSS, blogging, Facebook, Twitter, etc, will be done from my phone.

I’d like to think I can go at least a week, maybe two, with just my phone. Of course, it would be even cooler if I could go an entire month, but let’s take things slow. I’ll be reporting my frustrations and discoveries here every few days, if you’d like to keep up.

I can already see that blogging is going to be frustrating. Android has a nice WordPress app, but entering that much text on such a small screen will be,… interesting. I do have a Bluetooth keyboard that I will probably set up, so maybe that will help.

Is there anything specific that you’d like to hear more about with this experiment?

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